Creating Effective Spreadsheets

SSMI - Structured Spreadsheet Modelling and Implementation

Structured Spreadsheet Modelling and Implementation

Helping you develop easy to understand spreadsheets

Do you or your employees develop formulas and spreadsheets like this?

This formula calculates the cost of a purchase according to the quantity purchased. It uses an 8-level table. Imagine what it would be if we had 15 levels!

Formula from Hell.png
Formula from Hell - Part 2.png

Another example of a complex formula. This one approaches Excel's limit of 256 characters.

Formula from Hell 2.png

This is an actual spreadsheet from the ENRON email archives, released by a judge during their bankruptcy trial. Note the absence of labels to identify the meaning of cells and columns. Imagine handing that spreadsheet over to the developer's replacement: how long do you think a new employee responsible for this spreadsheet will take to understand its workings?

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Research has shown that about 90% of spreadsheets contain at least one error!

(but 90% of spreadsheet developers think their spreadsheets are error-free)


  • Do you have spreadsheets that have become crucial to your operations but nobody understands how they work?

  • Do you worry that some of your company’s spreadsheets contain errors? Are important decisions made with them?

  • Do you want to improve your spreadsheet validation process?


  • How confident are you that your spreadsheets don't contain errors?

  • Does it take too long to explain your spreadsheets to colleagues, clients, bosses? Do you think they really understood all your explanations?

  • Do you have problems understanding your own spreadsheets? (A few weeks or months later?)


  • Stop teaching Excel, teach “how to use” Excel.

  • Can be taught in 8 to 10 hours.

  • Based on proven concepts from Information Systems, Computer Science and Software Engineering