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Learn SSMI

How to learn SSMI

There are many ways to learn SSMI. You can choose one according to your preferred learning style, or combine them for an extra boost. We have taught the SSMI methodology in about 10 hours of class time in undergraduate, MBA and Executive training courses. Add to that the time to practice the examples and you should expect to learn the methodology in 15 to 20 hours.

Some like the feel of a real book...

Ahhh, a book. You can lay it flat on your table while you experiment the concepts as you learn them. You can write in the margins, use as many highlighters as you want (yellow, green, blue, pink!), fold the corners of important pages or have coloured post-its stick out on the side. You can easily flip back and forth between different sections. Some people just love books.

or the practicality of an electronic book.

It's always there on your tablet, and it doesn't weigh an extra gram. It's synchronized on the different platforms you use: computer at work, computer at home or tablet on the go. Use the links to move quickly to another section, or the search function to find a specific topic. Zoom the images to see finer details. For some people, nothing beats the convenience of an electronic book.

Others prefer an online course…

You like the video portions of the course where you see the action take place, rather than simply reading a description of the action. Being able to pause a video while you try out the action is a definite plus, as is being able to replay it. Of course, the interactive exercices, with their immediate feedback, give you the assurance that you understand all the concepts as you move forward.


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or in a class with a professor.

Even though it requires a more constraining schedule, you like having a course taught by a professor because you can have your questions answered right away. Even your classmates' questions help you understand quickly. You also like the professor's detailed and personalized feedback to your exercises.