University Professors

New Approach

Like many of his colleagues all over the world, Paul Mireault used to teach all sorts of Excel menus and functions, and test students on their ability to use them. But when he gave them a real-world problem to solve, students would often stare at their computer screen. They told him that they did not know where to start! So, instead of teaching “Excel”, Paul started teaching “How To Use Excel”. It is based on proven concepts from Information Systems, Computer Science and Software Engineering.

Easy to Adopt

The methodology does not require any special tools – your students only need pencil and paper. We will provide you with teaching material you might need like slides, exercises with and without sample solutions as well as teaching notes. You will be part of a community of professors who will share ideas, insights and teaching tips.

Simple to Grade

When your students follow the methodology they will automatically create spreadsheet documentation: The Formula Diagram and the Formula List. Grading the conceptual model (Formula Diagram and Formula List) is much faster than trying to understand your students’ spreadsheets. You can also evaluate your student’s modelling ability separately from their implementation.

Basic RGB
Wristwatch on the hand of businessman in suit. Time on wrist watch. Man with clock checks the time. Hand with clock isolated on background. Flat design, vector illustration.
Fast to Teach

The methodology only takes 8 to 10 hours to teach. It has been taught in undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as in professional and executive training courses. It can easily be integrated as part of a bigger course and you will have the opportunity to add your own favourite subjects such as charts and What-If analysis.

Get in Touch

Our methodology could be implemented as part of your teaching course. Email us at or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.